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Dating Site Zoosk Is Basically Rolling Out Verified Profiles

Published: 2 hours ago | by Josh Wolford

Apart from he was a stalker or I got catfished, the most common complaint from online daters has to be, they didn’t look anything like their picture!. Call it superficial, but people don’t want to be fooled when it comes to anything – especially a potential partner’s looks. Now, one online dating si

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Is Your Organic Social Reach As Bad As You Think?

Published: 4 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Getting organic posts in front of users on social media has become increasingly difficult for brands – particularly on Facebook, which has been quite open about its reduction of organic reach (even if some find its stated reasons a little questionable). What actions have you taken in your social str

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German Regulator Won’t Pursue Complaint Against Google

Published: 5 hours ago | by Chris Crum

A regulator in Germany has reportedly decided not to pursue a complaint against Google by publishers who don’t like the way Google surfaces their articles. While a law passed in Germany last year that enables publishers to keep Google and others from using anything more than small excerpts from arti

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Google Talks Conversion Tracking In Hangout

Published: 6 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Google just shared a new Hangout on Air about conversion tracking. Here’s what to expect: Join Mairead and the AdWords Team for the first of a two part series on improving your Return on Investment. This week, the team discuss how, and why to use Conversion Tracking and Enhanced Cost Per Click biddi

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Google Gives Marketers New Reason To Be Upset

Published: 7 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Google recently announced a change to its AdWords targeting options, which has not sat very well with many search marketers. What it ultimately boils down to is that Google is giving advertisers less options and less control over their keyword targeting preferences. Do you think Google should give a

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Pinterest Tests Social ‘News’ Section On iOS

Published: 9 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Pinterest is becoming more things to more people. Most recently, in addition to an advertising platform, it’s become more of a search destination as the company has placed a great deal of emphasis on search features. In fact, co-founder Evan Sharp seemed to downplay the social experience of Pinteres

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Amazon Is Going After Google’s AdSense

Published: 10 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Amazon is looking to move further in on Google’s turf with an expanded ad network, which would aim to rival AdSense. This is something that consistently disappointed investors would relish. Amazon invests a lot of money on future growth, and as a result has difficulties with posting profits. A solid

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