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Bing Product Ads Get 5 New Features

Published: 3 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Microsoft announced the launch of five new features for Bing Product Ads. These include: support for used and refurbished products as part of the inventory, product ads on Bing Mobile, share of voice reporting with impression share metrics, catalog statuses available via the Content API, and Bing Sh

Category: Advertising AndMarketing

Pinterest Gives Advertisers New Guide, Videos

Published: 5 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Pinterest is giving advertisers a new guide in addition to some new video content to help them learn the “ins and outs” of the Pinterest Ads Manager. Pinterest ads are still relatively new, so the more resources like this the company offers, the better, especially ahead of the holidays. The guide co

Category: Advertising AndMarketing

Snapchat: We Aren’t Stockpiling Your Private Snaps

Published: 8 hours ago | by Josh Wolford

Snapchat users had a little bit of a freakout last week when the company updated its privacy policy and terms of service. On Friday, Snapchat updated its terms to give itself “worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to host, store, use, display, reproduce, modify,

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Adds Pinterest Features

Published: 9 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Salesforce just announced that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is now a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner for Content Publishing with the addition of new tools for Social Studio. Marketers can use Social Studio to compose, preview, schedule and publish pins across Pinterest accounts. A spokesperson f

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