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Twitter Says It’s Tripled the Team Handling Abuse Reports

Published: 2 hours ago | by Josh Wolford

Twitter has a big problem with abuse. Everyone knows this. The company’s CEO knows this. The management team at Twitter knows something has to be done about it. But what is Twitter going to do about all the abuse and harassment that takes place on the site? Incremental changes, for now. Twitter has

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Google Isn’t Banning Porn on Blogger After All

Published: 4 hours ago | by Josh Wolford

If you post your own sexually explicit content on Blogger, Google’s gonna let you do you. Just don’t use blogger as a hub for commercial porn.Google has reversed a decision it made earlier this week to ban adult content on its Blogger network. “This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn poli

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How To Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly, According To Google

Published: 5 hours ago | by Chris Crum

As you’re probably aware, Google is preparing to launch an algorithm change that includes a signal telling Google sites that are mobile-friendly should get a rankings boost. This will remain just one of many signals Google takes into account when ranking content, but it’s going to be an important on

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ISIS Threatens to Kill Jack Dorsey, Twitter Employees

Published: 6 hours ago | by Josh Wolford

This weekend, someone writing on behalf of ISIS threatened Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and all Twitter employees, calling on supporters to not “allow any one of the atheists to survive.”A post claiming to be in response to Twitter’s “campaign to delete accounts” specifically addresses Dorsey, who

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Yahoo’s Search Market Growth Flatlines

Published: 7 hours ago | by Chris Crum

In November, Yahoo and Mozilla entered a partnership that made Yahoo the default search experience on Firefox, replacing Google, which had held the spot for the past decade. The deal showed some great early results for Yahoo in terms of search market share, and a month ago, StatCounter provided an u

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Should Photos Still Be Part of Your Facebook Strategy?

Published: 8 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Last month, SocialBakers shared some interesting findings about how different types of Facebook Page posts have been performing in terms of organic reach. Many were surprised to find that photos have become the least effective type of post in that regard, especially considering that a year before th

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Marketers Not Confident In Their Big Data Efforts

Published: 9 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Infogroup has a new study out, which reports that 47% of marketers are seeing a return on their big data investments. The study is based on a survey of nearly 600 marketers, and found that while over half of them express optimism about personalized marketing during this year, they’re not so confiden

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Tinder Plus Is Here, Will Cost More for Older Users

Published: 10 hours ago | by Josh Wolford

Calling someone who’s 30 “older” is weird, especially as I approach that age – but in Tinder land 30 is officially old. Tinder has just launched its Tinder Plus premium service, which it’s been teasing for months. The paid tier, which will give users access to a few new features, will cost $9.99 for

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Twitter Gives Websites Video Embeds

Published: 11 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Twitter announced the launch of a new embedded video widget, which enables people to embed Twitter-hosted videos on their websites, utilizing the same JavaScript used by tweet buttons and embedded tweets.The widget works with videos captured and uploaded via Twitter’s iOS and Android apps as well as

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