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Bing Product Ads Get 5 New Features

Published:3 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Microsoft announced the launch of five new features for Bing Product Ads. These include: support for used and refurbished products as part of the inventory, product ads on Bing Mobile, share of voice reporting with impression share metrics, catalog statuses available via the Content API, and Bing Sh

Pinterest Gives Advertisers New Guide, Videos

Published:5 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Pinterest is giving advertisers a new guide in addition to some new video content to help them learn the “ins and outs” of the Pinterest Ads Manager. Pinterest ads are still relatively new, so the more resources like this the company offers, the better, especially ahead of the holidays. The guide co

Snapchat’s New Money Maker, Sponsored Lenses, Debut on Halloween

Published:6 hours ago | by Josh Wolford

Last month, Snapchat debuted a bunch of new “lenses” – animated filters for photos and videos. If you use Snapchat, you’ve likely used one of these lenses. They’re kind of addicting. Have you seen videos of your googly-eyed friends puking rainbows? How about a blue-flamed skull face where their head

This Should Make Instagram Even More Appealing For Marketing

Published:7 hours ago | by Chris Crum

A month ago, Instagram announced that its ads were officially rolling out to every marketer in the world after months of build up. The other day, the company discussed new ways for advertisers to drive a wider range of objectives and experience increased flexibility with campaigns. Do you see Instag

DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite Adds Bing Shopping Campaigns

Published:11 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Google announced that Bing Shopping Campaigns are now part of the DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite. It’s always heartwarming to see Google adding support for more Microsoft offerings isn’t it? “Bing Shopping Campaigns for Bing Ads make it easier and faster to advertise your products from your Bing

Bing Ads Academy Training Program Announced

Published:today 03:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Microsoft announce the launch of Bing Ads Academy, a new training program for advertisers to learn how to get more out of Bing Ads. There are courses for both newer customers and those who have been at it for a while. Bing Ads Academy consists of both online and in-person courses. They’re offered to

PayPal Ad Ruined Christmas, Say Pissed Off Parents

Published:today 01:30 AM | by Josh Wolford

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority could launch an investigation into a PayPal ad that many parents say spoils the Santa secret. The ad, which first aired on Sunday during The X Factor, features two kids worrying about not getting any Christmas presents. “I don’t think we;’re getting any Chris

Netflix and Chill Has Reached Critical Mass

Published:yesterday 23:30 PM | by Josh Wolford

Netflix and chill, the cultural phenomenon that pretty much means come over and we’ll use movies as an excuse to sex, has probably gone too far.It looks like “someone hit the mothership”, as this reddit post shows. Someone tagged the Netflix headquarters sign with “and chill”.My brother took this pi

Facebook Improves Its Local Ad Targeting

Published:yesterday 19:30 PM | by Josh Wolford

A little over a year ago, Facebook launched its Local Awareness Ads, a hyperlocal ad option that lets businesses target people who live in their area or who were just recently in the area. Today, Facebook says it’s “making it easier for businesses with multiple locations to create local ads for each

DoubleClick Adds Payment IDs to Ad Exchange For All Buyers

Published:yesterday 16:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google’s DoubleClick announced that it is currently in the process of applying for TAG Registration and that its version of Payment IDs is available in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange to all buyers globally. This is an effort to support the adoption of Payment IDs across the ecosystem. Last week, the Tr

Snapchat Rivals Facebook When It Comes to Video Views

Published:yesterday 15:30 PM | by Josh Wolford

Last week, when Facebook announced that it sees over eight billion video views per day, you likely said well, that’s a hell of a lot of video views. And you’d be right, it is. But here’s a number that’s even more surprising. Ephemeral messaging app Snapchat is reportedly seeing six billion video vie

Google Shopping Campaigns Get New Features

Published:yesterday 14:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google announced the launch of some new features for advertisers using Shopping Campaigns. First, there’s a new product groups tab view at the campaign and account levels in AdWords to make it easier for advertisers to compare performance data and make changes across across all product groups accord

DoubleClick Active View Updates Announced

Published:yesterday 08:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Google announced a couple of Active View-related updates for DoubleClick as part of the company’s efforts to help with the advertising industry’s viewability woes. The first is the addition of Active View optimization to DoubleClick Bid Manager, which the company describes as a better way to program

AdWords Campaign Drafts, Experiments Available For Testing

Published:yesterday 06:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Google announced in a Google+ post the other day that campaign drafts and experiments are now available for early testing in AdWords (h/t: Search Engine Roundtable). “Campaign drafts and experiments is a powerful feature that lets you quickly test changes to your AdWords campaigns, measure results,

Bing Tells You How Not To Get Kicked Out of Bing Ads

Published:yesterday 04:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Microsoft took the time this week to highlight some things that will get Bing Ads advertisers in trouble. Most of this is common sense stuff, but it’s worth looking at, especially considering the company thought it warranted a new blog post. They do daily reviews of Bing network results and of the k

Google Shopping Gets Redesign For The Holidays

Published:before yesterday 22:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google announced that it has redesigned Google Shopping as the holiday season approaches. The new design is geared toward mobile users as mobile shopping related searches have outpaced desktop.“Shoppers often don’t know the exact product they’re interested in — forty-percent of shopping searches are

Microsoft’s Bing Ads Get New Image Extensions

Published:before yesterday 20:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Microsoft announced on Monday that Bing Ads now offers Image Extensions that can help advertisers capture user attention and increase clicks. Advertisers can upload up to six images alongside their ad copy and other extensions. “Visuals can help set your ad apart. Image extensions are a way to visua

Google Shopping Gets New Click Share Metric

Published:before yesterday 16:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google announced the launch of click share to help Google Shopping advertisers better figure out when they’re missing out on traffic. It’s a new metric that shows percentage of total possible clicks received by the advertiser’s shopping ads. “Let’s walk through an example of how to use click share t

YouTube Shopping Ads Come To AdWords

Published:before yesterday 13:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google announced that TrueView for Shopping and Shopping ads on YouTube are now available in AdWords. The former was announced in May to let businesses run product ads with related videos on YouTube. “TrueView for Shopping campaigns create interactive video ads that highlight the value of your produ

Google Display Network Gets Viewability Boost

Published:before yesterday 12:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google announced on Tuesday that it has completed the upgrading of all CPM campaigns on the Google Display Network to viewable CPM (vCPM) campaigns making the GDN one platform where advertisers don’t pay for impressions unless they’re actually viewable by the user. The company announced plans to do

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