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Google Launches New Ranking Signal, Sets Date For Another

Published:41 minutes ago | by Chris Crum

Google announced that it will be expanding its use of “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking signal beginning on April 21. That gives you a little less than two months to make sure your site fits the bill. The change will go into effect across all languages, and Google says it will have a “significant i

How To Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly, According To Google

Published:5 hours ago | by Chris Crum

As you’re probably aware, Google is preparing to launch an algorithm change that includes a signal telling Google sites that are mobile-friendly should get a rankings boost. This will remain just one of many signals Google takes into account when ranking content, but it’s going to be an important on

Yahoo’s Search Market Growth Flatlines

Published:7 hours ago | by Chris Crum

In November, Yahoo and Mozilla entered a partnership that made Yahoo the default search experience on Firefox, replacing Google, which had held the spot for the past decade. The deal showed some great early results for Yahoo in terms of search market share, and a month ago, StatCounter provided an u

How To Set Up App Indexing For Ranking In Google

Published:yesterday 22:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Last week, Google made two announcements about how it will rank search results on mobile devices going forward. The one that has received the greatest amount of attention is the inclusion of a mobile-friendly ranking signal, which will go into effect beginning April 21. This gives sites time to make

Should Facts Outrank Links As A Google Signal?

Published:yesterday 20:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google has a new paper out that discusses how it might rank pages based on facts as opposed to links. If this were to become the case, it would represent a huge move for the search engine, which has historically used links as a major indication of relevance. In fact, it was the PageRank algorithm th

Drink Up – Google Wants to Make You a Bartender

Published:yesterday 16:30 PM | by Josh Wolford

No, Google won’t serve you drinks – but it’ll tell you how to make them. Google has added cocktails to the list of instructables it’ll show with the Knowledge Graph – so if you’re wondering how to make a tequila sunrise, Google has your back. Alternatively, you could just put the tequila in a glass

Google Ranking Signal Not As Pressing As You Thought

Published:yesterday 14:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Last week, Google announced two new ranking signals related to mobile. One has already been implemented, and takes into account app indexing when showing results to signed-in users who have apps installed on their devices. The second signal looks at how mobile-friendly webpages are, and follows all

Should Google Show Press Releases As News?

Published:yesterday 10:30 AM | by Chris Crum

As you’ve probably noticed in the past, Google sometimes includes an “In the News” section in its search results. This points users to a few sources that have newsy information about whatever it is that they searched for. The feature used to point users to stories indexed in Google News. It still do

Is Google Looking Desperate in Firefox?

Published:yesterday 07:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Google is getting louder about wanting Firefox users to switch their default browser back to its search engine. As you may know, Mozilla replaced Google with Yahoo as the default search provider in Firefox in the United States back in November. This led to Yahoo gaining some market share in the mont

Google Just Announced Another New Ranking Adjustment

Published:yesterday 04:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Google just announced that it is cracking down on doorway pages with a new ranking adjustment, which will launch soon. Do you think doorways pages have been a noticeable problem in search results? Share your thoughts in the comments. Doorway pages have historically been known as pages created specif

Google’s Twitter Deal May Impact Your Reputation

Published:yesterday 03:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Last month, we learned that Google and Twitter have struck a new deal to put real-time tweets back into Google’s search index after going without them for a few years. Google isn’t expected to implement tweets into its results in the same fashion it did when the two companies had a deal in the past

Google Ditching 4 Search Funnels Columns in AdWords

Published:yesterday 01:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Google launched Search Funnels columns a little over two years ago (three years after first introducing Search Funnels reports), enabling advertisers to incorporate Search Funnels data into their everyday optimizations by adding the columns to their campaign, ad group, keyword and ad tabs. Google an

Here’s An Hour of Google Helping Small Businesses

Published:before yesterday 23:30 PM | by Chris Crum

If your’e a small business still trying to navigate this thing we call the web and to figure out how to best get Google to treat your site well, you might want to watch the latest video from the Google Webmasters YouTube channel. It’s an “open office hours” session for small businesses, in which Goo

How To Use Google’s New Blocked Resources Report

Published:before yesterday 20:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google just introduced a new Webmaster Tools feature called the Blocked Resource Report, aimed at helping webmasters find and resolve issues where Google can’t use images, CSS, or JavaScript that has been blocked. Blocked resource prevent pages from rendering properly, and Google wants to make sure

Google’s Not Checking Your Facts Just Yet

Published:before yesterday 18:30 PM | by Chris Crum

A recently released Google research paper has been drawing some attention throughout the search industry. It proposes a signal for ranking search results based upon “the correctness of factual information provides by the source,” rather than links. Do you think this would be a good direction for the

Google: Easy Mobile Forms Are Crucial

Published:before yesterday 14:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Google has been making a lot of moves to get mobile users a better user experience. As you may know, the company recently announced a pair of ranking signals for this purpose. One that’s already in effect will return in-app results for signed-in users who have those apps installed on their devices.

Old Report About Old Google Test Ruffles Feathers

Published:before yesterday 11:30 AM | by Chris Crum

An algorithm change Google probably only used in a limited test roughly eight years ago is apparently the top story in tech this morning. It will likely give Google’s competitors more talking points, but probably won’t make a lot of difference in any other way. The Wall Street Journal got its hands

Things To Avoid For Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Published:before yesterday 08:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Last month, Google announced a pair of new mobile-related ranking signals for its search algorithm. One is mobile-friendliness and the other is for content from apps that users have installed on their phones. You can learn more about taking advantage of the latter here. Are you looking forward to th

Google Says More About Mobile-Friendly Ranking Signal

Published:before yesterday 01:30 AM | by Chris Crum

About a month ago, Google announced that it would begin using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal starting on April 21. This gave webmasters some time to prepare to avoid potentially devastating effects in search results. This is a major update considering that people are only searching Google m

FTC: Controversial Wall Street Journal Google Article ‘Misleading’

Published:3days ago 19:30 PM | by Chris Crum

On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal published an inflammatory report under the title “Google Makes Most of Close Ties to White House,” which attempts to make the case that Google was able to sway the outcome of the FTC’s antitrust investigation into the company in 2012. The publication recently pu

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