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Now LinkedIn Wants You To Follow Channels

Published:6 hours ago | by Chris Crum

A little over two years ago, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Today, the company’s version of a social news destination. It’s been fairly popular, and last year, it got a design refresh. Today, LinkedIn announced another one. According to Business Insider, LinkedIn is utilizing its Pulse team to build sim

Google+ Aims To Lower Your Site’s Mobile Bounce Rate

Published:7 hours ago | by Chris Crum

Google announced the launch of content recommendations for mobile sites via the Google+ Platform. By adding a line of code, webmasters can encourage users to look at more of their articles when they’re browsing mobile sites, by delivering recommended (by Google) content based on a variety of factors

Arnold Schwarzenegger Does A YouTube Ad (For Comedy Week, Of Course)

Published:9 hours ago | by Chris Crum

YouTube is having Comedy Week starting May 19th, and who better to promote this than the king of comedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger (just try to watch Commando and not laugh at everything he says)?“You may know me for being the most muscular man in the world, or maybe for being the action star that kills

Twitter For Google Glass Now A Reality

Published:today 00:30 AM | by Chris Crum

It’s a big day for Twitter. Not only did it strike a deal with Yahoo to get tweets in Yahoo homepage newsfeed, but now they’ve announced the launch of Twitter for Google Glass. There have been reports in recent weeks that Twitter was working on this, and now, here we are. The app lets you share phot

Pinterest Adds Notifications, Mentions, and Better Search to Mobile

Published:yesterday 23:30 PM | by Josh Wolford

Pinterest is one of those services that is not yet as potent on mobile as it is on the desktop. At this point, I do most of my tweeting and Facebooking on my mobile device – and I’m not alone. But not so with Pinterest. I know for a fact that many of my Pinterest-fiend friends simply choose to not b

You Can Now Tag People in Instagram Photos

Published:yesterday 20:30 PM | by Josh Wolford

You have always been able to tag users in Instagram posts, but two weeks ago Instagram announced that soon, you would be able to tag people in the photo itself. The feature, called “Photos of You,” was given a two-week long soft launch period in which users could opt-in if they so chose. Today it ha

Pinterest Makes Sending Pins to Friends Easier

Published:yesterday 18:30 PM | by Josh Wolford

If you’re browsing Pinterest and you see a specific pin that you know your friend would like, you’ve always been able to send that pin to them. The process was annoying, however, and involved email. Today, Pinterest alleviates this annoyance with the new send button. You can now send pins directly t

Twitter Launches Lead Generation Card For Marketers

Published:yesterday 14:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Twitter announced the launch of a new card for marketers today – the Lead Generation Card. Twitter cards, in general, let you attach media experiences to tweets, which link to your content. You can add a few lines of HTML to your pages, and those who tweet your content will have a “card” added to th

Facebook Treats Radiohead Fans To ’15 Step’ Solo Cover

Published:yesterday 12:30 PM | by Chris Crum

This cover of Radiohead’s 15 Step appeared on YouTube back in January, but got some extra attention today when a fan page for frontman Thom Yorke shared it with fans. Luckily for the video’s creator, IAmAhYell, those who are simply fans of Radiohead on Facebook also get to see it, thanks to a Facebo

Google+ Gets 41 New Features, Including Stream Redesign [Google I/O 2013]

Published:before yesterday 22:30 PM | by Rich Ord

At Google I/O 2013, Google announced that Google+ was going to get 41 new features in the coming year. Those new features will be added to three key areas – stream, hangouts and photos. The first major change is an entire upheaval of the Google+ stream on desktop from a single column to a multi-colu

Here’s All The New Features Coming To Google+

Published:before yesterday 19:30 PM | by Rich Ord

During today’s Google I/O keynote, Google’s Vic Gundotra said that Google+ would be getting 41 new features. Those new features were spread out across three key areas – stream, hangouts and photos. Google is doing away with the old layout in favor of a multi-column layout that puts more emphasis on

LinkedIn: Prostitutes, Peddle Your Wares Somewhere Else

Published:before yesterday 18:30 PM | by Amanda Crum

LinkedIn has recently updated their terms of use policies to make it clear that they don’t want prostitutes advertising their “skills” on the social networking site. LinkedIn, which boasts over 225 million users, has become a huge source for employers and those looking to boost their careers in the

Tumblr Porn Not Likely to Be a Problem for Mayer, Yahoo

Published:before yesterday 16:30 PM | by Josh Wolford

The news the Yahoo is acquiring Tumblr for $1.1 billion has brought along its fair share of grumbling from the Tumblr community. Though Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer promised “not to screw it up,” Tumblr users are worried that Yahoo will march in and paint their beloved blogging platform purple – cleaning

Is Liking Something On Facebook An Act Of Free Speech?

Published:before yesterday 14:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Last year, a Virginia judge ruled that a Facebook “like” is not protected by the First Amendment. The story goes like this: Deputy Sheriff Daniel Ray Carter of Hampton, Virginia “liked” the page of “Jim Adams for Hampton Sheriff.” Carter’s boss, Sheriff B.J. Roberts, saw this, and then when Roberts