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Playing Bass Guitar By Ear

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Anthony Arnasalam

Playing bass guitar by ear is not as difficult as one might think if you devote yourself to doing it. It is the way I started. However, one shouldn't stop there; there's more you can learn if you are willing to challenge yourself. Learning to read music would be one of them.

How to Choose the Right Acoustic Guitar

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Farhat Moiz

If you are well-acquainted with the instrument and wish to hone your guitar-playing skills, you can invest in a solid wood, semi-acoustic or electro-acoustic guitar. Here are some things you can look at when selecting the ideal acoustic guitar:

Introduction Piano Lessons for Beginners

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Ranches Lee Hall

If you are keen on improving your piano playing skills then you have come to the right place. We've compiled some of the best tools and information, which will help you learn how to play the piano with much ease. Within a number of weeks, you will be able to see your skills improve drastically. On top of that, if you choose to stay committed and follow our introduction to the letter, you have the foundations required to become a good piano player.

Don't Fall For The Myth Of Perfection

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Byron Marks

Many guitar players often believe, falsely, that they need to perfect or master things before they move on to other practice items. Approaching guitar with this mindset is going to set your progress back years... If you even keep going at all.

Do You Want to Be a Musician or Do You Just Want to Learn to Play Songs?

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by D. Chetty

Whenever I meet a student for the first time I ask them a few questions: Why do you want to learn to play the guitar? What's your favourite type of music? Who are your favourite artists/bands? Do you want to be a musician or do you just want to learn to play songs? The last question always baffles them. The common response to that question is, "Is there a difference?" The answer is "Yes, there is a huge difference... to me anyway."

Compare Online Piano Lessons With A Real Teacher

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Jan Willem Frinking

The world as we all know it has transformed substantially in much less than a generation since the world wide web was introduced. There is a unlimited amount of information at your fingertips from shopping to finding a job. People have unlimited accessibility to the ever growing world.

Motivation in the 21st Century

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Ian Green

As we live in a world full of technology, it is important to know how to embrace these modern conveniences. Many tools can be used to assist music students in order to garner success while having fun along the journey.

5 Tips to Help You Practice Drums

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Jon Kois

Have you been trying to practice drums on your own? If so, we suggest that you follow some tips from experts. Read on.

The 4 Keys To Becoming A Massively Successful Guitar Teacher

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by T. Hess

The 4 keys to becoming a successful guitar teacher are learning what to do to build your teaching business, how to teach effectively, how to implement what you know and which mistakes you must avoid. Why You Must Learn What To Do To Build Your Teaching Business You eventually run out of students, lose money and have to return to working a normal full-time job when you do not learn how to build your guitar teaching business. Building a guitar teaching business isn't just about the act of getting more students, it's also about:...

How To Train Your Guitar Students To Become Better Guitarists

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by T. Hess

Being an excellent guitar teacher requires more than just teaching guitar. You also need to: *Train your guitar students to practice in effective ways, to keep them progressing and staying motivated to continue practicing consistently. *Coach your students so they believe in themselves and are ready to fulfill their musical potential by doing the things you tell them to.

How To Play Fast Sweep Picking Arpeggios

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by T. Hess

Sweep picking with speed and accuracy relies on mastering rolling technique in your fret hand. By mastering this technique, you can play notes on adjacent strings, on the same fret and with the same finger without having them blend together and sound sloppy. Having great rolling technique means:

Think Music Theory Is Too Hard? Here's Why

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Mark A Clark

In my opinion, music theory is taught in the most confusing and painful way imaginable. Find out why music theory seems so difficult to learn, and what we can do to make learning this topic so much easier.

Teaching Kids To Play The Drums

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Cat Harvey

This article is about teaching kids to play the drums. It includes many factors to keep in mind to encourage talent.

Introducing Students to New Pieces

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Ian Green

When learning a new piece of music, many aspects of the learning process are suggested to learn the materials successfully. This article outlines many of the steps to successfully learn a new piece of music.

Musician Websites: A Must-Have New Model

Published:Thursday 12th of September 2019 | by Jason French

A new model for musician's websites to funnel and engage the three big types of fans---potential fans, current fans and super fans. The tools include social media sites, your website, blog, mailing list and more.