Articles By Andrew Almeida

Marked Cards Versus Marking Cards With Luminous Ink

Published: Thursday 12th of September 2019 / Category: Arts and Entertainment

There are two ways to have marked cards. You can buy the luminous ink kit or invisible ink pen and mark your own cards or you can buy professionally marked cards from a magician supplier which will be marked professionally by a luminous ink printer. Each way has pros and cons and this article is going to go through each one.

Baby Reborn Into Your Arms For Many Reasons

Published: Thursday 12th of September 2019 / Category: Kids and Teens

Baby Reborn dolls are the most realistic, detailed, crafts of art in the doll market. The "Reborn" Doll (as they are known as) serves as the closest thing to having a real baby. The doll can be used for more than one purpose. In this article we will describe several ways that Baby Reborn dolls are used including toy doll, therapy doll, and art doll.