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WordPress’ Share Of The World’s Top Blogs Increases

Published: 2 hours ago / Category: Socialmedianews

The majority of the world’s top 100 blogs are using WordPress, according to a new report from Pingdom, and the content management system’s share of these blogs is on the rise.According to the firm, 52% of these blogs are using WordPress, up from 48% a year ago.To come up with the top blogs, Pingdom

Saul Bass Gets The Google Doodle Treatment

Published: 3 hours ago / Category: Searchnews

Google is running a doodle celebrating the birthday of graphic designer and typographer Saul Bass in parts of the world where the date has changed to May 8th. Also a filmmaker, Bass is best known for his work on movie title sequences, posters and corporate logos. How many films can you pick out from

Microsoft Extends Revenue Guarantee To Yahoo In ‘Search Alliance’

Published: 4 hours ago / Category: Searchnews

In a recent financial filing, Yahoo cited that Microsoft extended its revenue guarantee in the two companies’ ongoing “search alliance”. This is a guarantee that Microsoft has so far failed to live up to, but continues to extend, presumably, to keep Yahoo from walking away from the deal, and potenti

Saul Bass Google Doodle Hits The Rest Of The World

Published: 5 hours ago / Category: Searchnews

As previously reported, Google has been running a Google doodle honoring Saul Bass in parts of the world where it is May 8th. The doodle has now worked its way over to our neck of the woods in the U.S. Saul Bass was an American graphic designer who passed away in April of 1996. May 8th is his birthd

Prince Harry Gets Searchers Excited With U.S. Visit

Published: 6 hours ago / Category: Searchnews

As you’ve probably heard, Prince Harry is in the U.S., touring the nation, seeing the sites, and taking in some sporting events. Yahoo users in the country are apparently quite thirsty for info about the celebrity prince’s trip. div.twitterditto333943648582512641 { background: #563262 url(http://a0

Now LinkedIn Wants You To Follow Channels

Published: 8 hours ago / Category: Socialmedianews

A little over two years ago, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Today, the company’s version of a social news destination. It’s been fairly popular, and last year, it got a design refresh. Today, LinkedIn announced another one. According to Business Insider, LinkedIn is utilizing its Pulse team to build sim

Google+ Aims To Lower Your Site’s Mobile Bounce Rate

Published: 9 hours ago / Category: Socialmedianews

Google announced the launch of content recommendations for mobile sites via the Google+ Platform. By adding a line of code, webmasters can encourage users to look at more of their articles when they’re browsing mobile sites, by delivering recommended (by Google) content based on a variety of factors

Arnold Schwarzenegger Does A YouTube Ad (For Comedy Week, Of Course)

Published: 11 hours ago / Category: Socialmedianews

YouTube is having Comedy Week starting May 19th, and who better to promote this than the king of comedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger (just try to watch Commando and not laugh at everything he says)?“You may know me for being the most muscular man in the world, or maybe for being the action star that kills

Bing Autosuggest Adds More People Info

Published: today 01:30 AM / Category: Searchnews

Bing announced the addition of some more information about people in its autosuggest feature. Now, when you search for celebrities, politicians, athletes, or people with LinkedIn profiles, Bing will provide info about that person in the drop-down with the search suggestions. In cases where there ar