Articles By Larry Galler

Buyer and Seller Are in Different Time Zones

Published: Thursday 12th of September / Category: Sales Management

There's a classic difference between the salesperson and buyer. They are both working under different needs and different timetables. The salesperson wants and needs to make the sale immediately. The buyer purchases when it is in his best interest, not when the salesperson wants to make the sale.

Is an Insincere Smile Better Than a Sincere Frown?

Published: Thursday 12th of September / Category: Customer Service

I walk into one local store about two or three times a month. Every time I walk in, a "company-shirted" clerk at the counter mumbles, "hullo" in a dull monotone without ever looking in my direction. Every time it happens I bristle because of the obvious show of insincerity. I cringe in expectation as I approach the door yet, because of the convenience I continue to shop there. If they had a nearby competitor I'd drop them in a second.

Barnumize It & Make Your Events a Circus

Published: Thursday 12th of September / Category: Presentation

Using events, and turning them into circuses is one way to promote your business but to make your events successful, you should think like Barnum. He didn't do the same, tired old thing. He made his events outstanding.

Ambiguity Breeds Conflict! Be Specific!

Published: Thursday 12th of September / Category: Customer Service

Have you ever told a customer: "Don't worry, I'll take care of it" and then later you find yourself in trouble because you both thought "it" had different definitions? When one is talking about satisfying expectations, ambiguity breeds conflict. The more something is left to chance, the higher the possibility there will be disagreement because "it" wasn't spelled out in enough detail. If I remember correctly one of our former presidents had a problem defining what "it" is.

You're Different? How So?

Published: Thursday 12th of September / Category: Branding

Often when I talk to an owner of a small business I hear them exclaim that they are different from those they compete against. Upon hearing that phrase, I ask, "How so?

Are You an Expert? Shout It Out!

Published: Thursday 12th of September / Category: Advertising

The history of business has shown that even the biggest and best companies, as hard as they try, can't be "everything to everybody." If they could, they would completely dominate commerce and there would never be competitors. But, let's face it, competitors sprout up and grow like weeds. Even the largest of enterprises must carve out their niche and attract customers to their core competencies and competitive superiority, otherwise they lose customers to others who figure out what the customer wants and is willing to pay for.

Inform Them, Satisfy Them, Retain Them!

Published: Thursday 12th of September / Category: Customer Service

No matter how hard you try to have every project run smoothly, on-time, and on-budget, sooner or later, you screw up. No matter how hard you try to satisfy every customer on every sale, sooner or later someone will be dissatisfied. Maybe one of your vendors ships the wrong item to you causing you to run late, maybe a color or a taste or a size is a smidge wrong, maybe the computer goes down at a crucial moment, a staff member has a family emergency, a vehicle or piece of machinery breaks down or something else untoward happens to cause your customer to be very unhappy. Let's face it, stuff happens.