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[Infographic] Here’s Your Guide To Unfriending The Internet

Published: 7days ago 14:30 PM / Category: Socialmedianews

Commissioned News Story (Source: Imprima)In light of the success of the movie Unfriended, Imprima put out an interesting infographic offering a guide to “unfriending” the internet and deactivating your social media accounts. If you haven’t heard, the teen horror movie is taking the nation by storm,

4 Steps to Becoming Twitter Famous With Devumi

Published: Friday 18th of October / Category: Socialmedianews

Commissioned news story (Source: Devumi)If you’re looking to take your Twitter game to the next level, you’re going to need next-level tactics. Big name celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Ashton Kutcher didn’t get their fame overnight – they used cutting edge strategies to boost their social stand

Google Releases New Guide To Help Advertisers Go Global

Published: Wednesday 2nd of October / Category: Advertising AndMarketing

Google has a new guide with best practices for helping advertisers enter international markets and go global. Don’t worry, it’s not a big PDF you’ll have to download or anything, but a simple help center article, which you can find here. The guide covers discovering opportunities abroad, connecting

Instagram Ads Get Overlay Update

Published: Wednesday 2nd of October / Category: Advertising AndMarketing

Instagram announced an update to the overlays that appear on its ads. Rather than a generic “Go to Website” or “Go to App Store” message, it will provide the advertiser’s Facebook Page name and the display or destination website URL selected at set up. The overlay has been around to help users under

Facebook Instant Articles To Support Video Ads

Published: Wednesday 2nd of October / Category: Advertising AndMarketing

Soon, any publishers – big or small – will be able to use Facebook Instant Articles. In February, Facebook announced the feature would be opened up on April 12. Now, news has emerged that Facebook will ad support for video ads as well as an additional ad unit at the bottom of Instant Articles, which

Salesforce Acquires MetaMind To Add AI to Services

Published: Wednesday 2nd of October / Category: Marketing

Artificial intelligence startup MetaMind launched in late 2014 with $8 million in funding from Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff and Khosla Ventures. Now, Salesforce has has acquired it. Salesforce will integrate MetaMind’s technology into its services. “With MetaMind and Salesforce coming together, we’ll

Vine Adds ‘Watch’ Button to Channels To Play Videos Back To Back

Published: Tuesday 1st of October / Category: Socialmedianews

Vine announced the addition of a new “Watch” button that appears on Vine channels and let you watch a channel’s vines back to back. This way, users can watch a channel more like it’s a show made up of vines or as the company says, “kick back and see the story of a channel.”“People love to go through

AdWords Impression Share Change Will Affect API

Published: Monday 30th of September / Category: Advertising AndMarketing

Google said on Tuesday that beginning later this month, AdWords will begin rolling out a new calculation for impression share. This will affect reports in the AdWords API if you’re relying on impression share columns and run Video Campaigns.The roll out will occur over the next few months for all ac

Watch F8 Live Right Here Via Facebook’s Official Stream

Published: Monday 30th of September / Category: Socialmedianews

Facebook’s F8 developer conference begins today in San Francisco, but you don’t have to be there to see the opening keynote from Mark Zuckerberg or some of its stand-out sessions. You can view these right from the player below beginning at 10AM PST (streaming will actually begin at 9:30AM PST). Here