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Honeycomb-Backed Stone Cladding Systems - A Great Choice for Commercial and Institutional Buildings

Published: Thursday 12th of September 2019 / Category: Architecture and Interior Design

Architectural designers have many choices when selecting and specifying cladding systems for high-end commercial and institutional buildings. As with many other scopes, there are many factors that influence and ultimately determine the cladding design and specification, including, among others: budget, building height, structural support, climate zone, performance, sustainability, code compliance, aesthetics, lead time, etc. Honeycomb-backed natural stone cladding systems can be a great option for select commercial and institutional buildings, as long as project budget, lead time, sustainability, and other project requirements align well with this strong, lightweight, highly aesthetic system. Honeycomb-backed panels can be produced with virtually any natural stone, including marble, travertine, granite, limestone, sandstone, onyx, etc.