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Salesforce To Buy ExactTarget For $2.5 Billion

Published:4days ago 13:30 PM | by Chris Crum

Salesforce announced on Tuesday that it has entered an agreement in which it will acquire ExactTarget for about $2.5 billion. Salesforce will commence a tender offer for all outstanding shares of ExactTarget at $33.75 per share, in cash.Salesforce says the acquisition will further its CRM platform g

Adobe Acquires Ideacodes Team For Creative Cloud

Published:4days ago 03:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Adobe announced on Tuesday that it has acquired the team behind Ideaclouds, for use in the Creative Cloud department. Ideacodes is a creative consultancy, which Adobe says will help it “continue to create an excellent Creative Cloud experience.” The San Francisco-based company specializes in design

Mobile Ad Revenue Jumped 83% In 2012 Hitting Record $8.9 Billion

Published:13days ago 05:30 AM | by Chris Crum

Mobile ad revenue in 2012 was up a whopping 82.8% hitting $8.9 billion, according to newly released findings from the U.S. IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB Europe and IHS. In 2011 it was just $5.3 billion. Search led the pack in 2012 with a growth rate of 88.8%, closely followed by dis

LinkedIn Q2 Earnings Out, Revenue Up 59% YoY

Published:Thursday 6th of February | by Chris Crum

LinkedIn just released its earnings report for the second quarter, with revenue up 59% year-over-year at $363.7 million, beating Wall Street estimates. Net income was $3.7 million, compared to $2.8 million in the second quarter last year. The company also announced that its membership reached 238 mi

Facebook Has A CMO For The First Time (And He Comes From Google)

Published:Thursday 6th of February | by Chris Crum

Facebook now has its first-ever chief marketing officer, and it just happens to be an executive which the company has lured away from Google. Gary Briggs went over to Google when the company acquired Motorola Mobility, where he was SVP, Marketing and Advisor to the CEO. He was also VP, Consumer Mark

Pinterest’s ‘Promoted Pin’ Ads Make Their Debut

Published:Sunday 26th of January | by Josh Wolford

Today is the first day that you might see some advertisements on Pinterest.The company has just announced that their “promoted pin” test, which they announced a couple of weeks ago, has officially begun. “We wanted to let you know that we are starting our first test with promoting pins today, so you

Instagram Ads Are Here, the Salad Days Are Over

Published:Saturday 25th of January | by Josh Wolford

Last month, as Instagram crossed the 150 million user mark, business operations head Emily White told us that we could expect the company to start experimenting with ads some time within the next year. We didn’t really have any specifics at that point, but we assumed that when they arrived, they’d c

Word Stream Discloses How to Get More Leads with PPC

Published:Friday 24th of January | by Rich Ord

Small business often goes through several changes while they trying to drum up new business. Marketing by bringing attention to their online offers with paid advertising is a popular method for immediate traffic. According to the WordStream Incorporated research department, small businesses waste ab

Facebook Mom Sticks It to ‘Shaming Police’

Published:Thursday 23rd of January | by Rich Ord

Maria Kang is clearly a woman of beauty, and– according to her web page–also a woman of many accomplishments aside from that. Kang has received several awards, landed herself on the cover of magazines, and was featured in– well, it goes on further from there,… much further.Along with all of Maria Ka

Twitter Stock Makes Co-Founder Jack Dorsey a Billionaire

Published:Sunday 19th of January | by Rich Ord

Everyone knew that there was a lot of money to be made when Twitter went public, but what Twitter opened at on the New York Stock Exchange far exceeded the company’s expectations. So what does this mean for Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and others? Cha-ching! Thanks to Twitter, Dorsey has now been

JPMorgan Scraps Twitter Q&A Over Fiscal Furor

Published:Saturday 18th of January | by Rich Ord

It was a brief idea that lasted all of nine glorious hours: the vice-chairman of US corporate banking giant JPMorgan, Jimmy Lee, announced he would be taking over the @jpmorgan Twitter feed at 1pm today. By last night, however, major news outlets around the world were reporting the idea as completel

Kevin Spacey Will School The Content Marketing Industry This Year

Published:Tuesday 14th of January | by Chris Crum

Well, you if you weren’t already planning on attending Content Marketing World this year, you have a big reason to do so now. It was announced on Friday that Kevin Spacey will be headlining the event, providing the closing keynote. And if you’ve seen this speech he gave last year at the Guardian Edi

3 Analytics Tips To Give Your Lead Generation Program A Facelift

Published:Sunday 12th of January | by Rich Ord

Marketers and business owners continue to spend a lot of money driving traffic to their websites and yet many struggle with lead generation and optimizing the traffic and conversion from the campaigns that they are running. Read these three tips and take your lead generation program to the next leve

Matt Cutts Has Declared Guest Blogging For SEO ‘Done’

Published:Thursday 9th of January | by Chris Crum

Google has been warning webmasters about guest blogging abuse for years now. This week, head of webspam Matt Cutts basically declared guest blogging dead. “Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done,” says Google’s Matt Cutts. In light of Cutts’ comments will you be wary of contributing guest conten

Conan O’Brien Discusses Turning Down Microsoft CEO Job On LinkedIn

Published:Saturday 4th of January | by Chris Crum

Conan O’Brien took to LinkedIn to explain why he turned down the Microsoft CEO job, which was recently awarded to longtime staffer Satya Nadella.This is Conan’s fifth LinkedIn post since becoming a “LinkedIn Influencer” last fall. Conan congratulates Nadella on his new role, telling him he was “the

Colin Powell Is Now On The Salesforce Board Of Directors

Published:Monday 30th of December 2019 | by Chris Crum

Salesforce announced on Friday that it has appointed retired four-star general (and former National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State) Colin Powell to its Board of Directors. His position actually went into effect on Thursday, and increases the size of t

Report: Content Sharing Circles Have Big Impact On B2B Vendor Selection

Published:Friday 27th of December 2019 | by Chris Crum

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and NetLine Corporation recently put out a report (via MarketingProfs) finding that customer content sharing circles strongly impact pre-sale vendor selection. More and more, “insight-hungry” businesses are relying on trusted third-party information to make

LinkedIn Launches Content Marketing Score, Trending Content

Published:Friday 27th of December 2019 | by Chris Crum

LinkedIn has launched a new analytics tool designed to help users gain insight into the impact of their paid and organic content on the social network. It generates a score, which is calculated by measuring “unique engagement,” which is gauged through social actions, and dividing that by your total