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Cancer Is a Food Allergy Disease As Well As Environment

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Norma Holt

Over many years of observation plus my limited knowledge of medical problems, having once been a medical student and more recently a student of genetics, the outstanding thing about cancer is the lifestyle of sufferers. While smoking contributes to onsets there is limited research into food allergies causation. My guess is that governments disallow facts to be known, as was the case with tobacco.

Do You Love Sugar As Much As Cancer Does?

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Vyara Bridgeman

Many people have a love affair with sugar. And so do cancer cells. In fact, cancer cells are 40-50 times more efficient in utilizing glucose than normal cells. What to know more? Keep reading.

Will Garlic Each Day Keep Cancer At Bay?

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Andy G

Garlic - the ancient herb have a modern mission against cancer! Scientists have never actually got around to testing the ability of garlic to ward off vampires because scientists generally work day shift while vampires work night shift. But we may soon see a trial against something a lot more serious than vampires: cancer.

Cancerous Lung Tumour Encounter

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Dona Hatherley

A personal encounter with cancer without a cause brought our family to our knees. Unbelievable diagnosis and symptoms can hit any one of us suddenly and we need to be prepared to cling to our faith in Jesus. It takes even more faith to trust in the medical world when it is a life or death situation.

Lymphedema and Swimming

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Karen Goeller

For years I've been telling people with Leg Lymphedema that the best exercise is swimming. Why? Because your are horizontal, circulating your fluids, and have the gentle compression of the water.

What Is A Biopsy and When It Is Needed?

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Tahir Akbar

A biopsy is a medical test which is performed to detect cancerous cells at a suspicious site. A radiologist or a surgeon usually performs the procedure. A biopsy is one of the multiple advanced tests which confirm the diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer and Faith in God

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Gerard Mohamed

For millions of people around the globe, cancer is seen as devastating, both physically and psychologically. Because of the extensive prevalence of the disease worldwide and the uncertainty and severe unpleasantness of the most common treatments it has more than deserved the epithet, "dread disease".

What Does Guilt Have To Do With Cancer?

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Vyara Bridgeman

Cancer, as all disease, starts in the mind. And you can take responsibility for what goes on in your mind, therefore preventing cancer (and many other physical imbalances). This article explains how.

Nuclei Sarcoma, The Evil of Cancer

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Gregory V. Boulware

An uncontrolled growth and spread of body cells, is often known as "Cancer." Under a microscope, the black dotted cells known as nuclei are identified as cancer-cells. This identity is defined in comparison to healthy living cells that are small (black dots) with a wall-like perimeter surrounding them. The large black-dotted nuclei has no such wall.

Facts You Didn't Know About Chemotherapy

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Lakhwinder Singh

Chemotherapy is the treatment or therapy that is used mostly for the purpose of curing cancer. It refers to some powerful drug that has the ability to kill cancer cells and prevent them producing. There are a number of drugs used to complete the therapy and it is not as easy as it sounds. Even the word, chemotherapy gives a patient Goosebumps.

Getting Rid of Cancer in Early Stages

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Rahul Tyagi

Cancer is different and more potent than other diseases. Though the effects of brain stroke and heart attacks can be more severe and immediate but Cancer has its own set of aspects. It may be present in the body since a long time and detected only at a later stage which makes it difficult to contain and treat it.

Safety of Fertility Drugs

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Sunita Verma

Fertility treatments raise hormone levels for a matter of days which is far less time than the heightened hormonal exposure in nine months of pregnancy. Hence the risks for cancer development is not a concern.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer for Betterment of Life

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Rahul Tyagi

It becomes easier for us to deal with diseases that are easily diagnosed. This is done with the help of identifying the symptoms which makes it fairly simple to plan the treatment option and plan the road ahead. But when it comes to complex conditions, then it can be very tricky. One of those diseases in this category is cancer. It may be just a single word but the outcome of this disease is very ghastly. The branch of medicine which deals with the treatment of cancer is known as oncology. Hospitals in India are known for oncology treatment.

When Is the Need of Medical Oncology for Treating Cancer?

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Rahul Tyagi

That branch of medicine which deals with the management of cancer is known as oncology. The specialists who treat patients are known as oncologists. It is important to keep in mind the three main components which have become necessary in increasing the chance of survival in patients. The three components are mentioned below:

How to Beat Cancer the Natural Way

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Stacy West

For over 50 years now, the world has been living in the anxiety of the deadly monster, Cancer. Every day, over 20,000 people die of cancer and with such statistics, it's totally okay for people to be scared. However, there's one pungent remedy that has proved to suppress the fear effectively: knowledge.