Email Marketers Are Missing Out On Metrics

An extensive study recently released by GetRepsone and SmartInsights shows that while email is clearly the most effective marketing channel, marketers overall aren’t fully utilizing the available capabilities and advantages of email metrics.

Of 2,510 email marketers who took time out to share their experiences and current use of email marketing, the survey revealed that only 21% use the high-funnel metrics such as volume of opens and clicks, to review measures of quality of response. Less that 15% are able to see clearly see the business outcome of their email marketing beyond the email click such as leads. And just as surprising is that nearly one quarter of email marketers don’t have any metrics.

Another area that the study centered on was targeting. Half (50%) don’t use any targeting whatsoever, and less than a third (29%) use basic segmentation for targeting.

Philip Storey, Founder of Enchant, a CRM consultancy, thinks that a change in mindset can help highlight the importance of targeting from a customer experience point of view: “Marketers are still thinking about campaigns as broadcasts to their entire database, instead of opportunities to create a truly valuable connection with people. Ultimately, most marketers are still using email as an advertising channel and thinking about volume instead of quality. To take things to the next level, brands must put their customer’s different needs and desires at the forefront of their email communications strategy. The goal is to create the ultimate customer experience in the inbox – one that generates the highest ROI.”

The study also found that over half of the businesses (58%) are planning to increase their email marketing budget in 2017, with just 7.5% stating that their investment will decrease. Just over one-third (35%) are satisfied with their current investment level and want their email budget to remain the same in the year ahead.

The entirety of the survey results can be found in the Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Excellence Report 2017.

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