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Mafa Games - Your One Stop For Gaming

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Shalini M

Are you bored out of your mind at home, just finished an engaging series and feel empty at the moment? Whatever you may be feeling, we have the perfect solution for you - Games! Think about it.

5 Reasons Why Mario Is So Popular

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Shalini M

As far as video games are concerned, one of the most popular characters is known as Mario. Over the 30-year-career of Nintendo, it introduced more than a hundred games for many genres and systems and enjoyed great success. Given below are 5 reasons why Mario Bros runs circles around other games. Read on.

5 Crucial Things to Know Before Playing Cards

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Jennifer Cosculluela

Well who doesn't want to make a great impression at the next party or well, anywhere? Whether you want to win a bet among your friends or impress a couple of new friends, doing a few card tricks is the key. Here are 5 crucial things to know before playing cards.

Elo Boosting - Explained In A Simple And Understandable Way

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Shalini Madhav

League of Legends - the game filled with terminologies, right from smurfing and ganking bot; it sometimes is hard to understand what these phrases mean. Suppose you are playing a game of Legends for a long time then you must be aware of the term "elo boosting". But, what's elo boosting or why is everybody talking about this?

Read Through Several Video Game Reviews To Pick The Best One

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Marcus Fei

Are you afraid of getting your kid into the wrong influence of video games? Are you thinking of buying a new game and don't want to waste your time and money on the wrong one? Video game reviews will help you to understand the pros and cons of them, before buying for yourself or allowing your kids to play on it.

Why Are Android Games So Popular Today?

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Shalini Madhav

According to many people, mobile games are not good at all. They don't think mobile games are popular. However, the fact is that on everyone's phone you may see a few games installed. Let's find out why they are so popular in the here and now.

Why Games As A Service Will Kill Video Games

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Alexander Criscione

An explanation on how microtransactions and the games as a service trend will be the downfall for future video games. Ultimately video games are becoming more expensive and are charging people even more to play them.

Do Video Games Damage Our Brains?

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Bargau E Raul

If you play video games frequently, your brain changes - the more of the so-called grey mass is present in the hippocampus of the brain, the healthier the thought organ is. The less of them are present, the higher the risk of developing a brain disease.

Android Games - Tips to Get the Best of It

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Marcus Fei

Do you wish to kill your free time when the only company you have is your Android phone? Did you know that Android games are the most interesting and fun filled stuff to cram your phone with? Go through this article to know more about these games and their fun factors.

How Video Games Can Affect the Brain

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Kalki Kapoor

Video games are very popular among children of all the ages. And, due to our tech pace world, it is continuing to grow even more. Children and even the adults find video games as their mode of entertainment.

Nostalgia in Games

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Justin Frantz

Nostalgia. The word brings to mind a joyous familiarity felt when engaging in something in the present that we really enjoyed doing in the past. Gaming is no different.

The HQ Trivia Phenomenon

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Joe A Cinocca

Live event trivia is a new gaming niche that has developed within the Apple iOS and Google Play App communities. The digital age has created this unique opportunity to combine trivia, pop culture and reality television into one nice bundle and for fans of these genres, we are better off, as a result. HQ Trivia is a live game show that streams twice daily on your mobile device.

Want to Build A Mobile Game App? Check Out These Development Tools

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Rob Stephen

This article is going to highlight a few useful tools for developing a mobile game app. Read on to know why most of the game app developers trust these tools. Temple Run, Candy Crush etc. are some popular mobile games that got millions and billions of users worldwide.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition - 3 Tips for New Dungeon Masters

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Ellis Smith

Your first few games of Dungeons & Dragons can be daunting, and doubly so if you've elected to fill the role of the Dungeon Master. While at the table, the DM will need to fulfill multiple positions including coach, referee, and narrator. The following three tips will ease you into running the game and ensure that you and your players have an unforgettable experience playing the fifth edition of the world's greatest roleplaying game.

The Importance of Games in Our Daily Lives

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Aman Tumukur Khanna

Talking about games, who does not wish to play? They are an integral part of our lives and whether kids or adults, none can refrain from it. They are both a part of recreation and a great form of being physically fit and even getting rewarded.

Jazz Up Your Game With the Latest Gaming Headset

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Rizvana Manzoor

Using a headset has become a necessity due to multiple reasons that are propelled by modern day's lifestyle. One among such reasons that have made the use of wireless headset more popular, is the online games. New games are created to generate a live-action experience for the gamer, thus making the use of headset mandatory.

Gaming Mouse - The New Innovation Unveiled

Published:Thursday 12th of September | by Rizvana Manzoor

Gaming is a time pass for few while a passion for many. Day by day youngsters are getting acquainted with a wide variety of online games that may or may not need a mouse. Many gamers feel that using the mouse in between the game would hamper the tempo and would lead to tossing the game sometimes.