New Facebook Video Crossposting Features Should Prove Helpful

Facebook made a ton of announcements on Tuesday. One that didn’t get quite as much as attention as some of the others could actually be one of the more useful ones for marketers.

The company announced a new way for publishers to crosspost videos within and across Pages owned by the same Business Manager tool and total performance insights for videos. This will give you a single, aggregate view count for videos crossposted on different pages and an easy way to see the total performance of these videos.

“Our publishing partners often like to create multiple Pages to engage different audiences on Facebook,” says product manager Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza. “Many of these partners reuse the same videos across different posts and Pages, and they’ve told us they’d like to see total performance insights for a single video across all the places it was used.”

“For example, a media company might want to post a video on their main Page, their international Page, and one of their topical Pages,” Gomez-Ortigoza added. “Then they might also want to repost that same video a few weeks later.”

In Business Manager, you can go to the new Permissions tab in the video upload or edit window to give other pages permission to reuse a video. After that, any page in that same Business Manager can create new posts with the new video without having to re-upload it.

If a video is crossposted, the page owners of the page that initially uploaded the video will be able to see metrics for each post that included the video and aggregate metrics for the video across all posts. Page admins that reuse another page’s video will only see metrics for the posts they created and a Total Performance line that compares metrics on other posts to the video’s totals.

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